Tips to follow to find Issues with pogo and pop-up blockers


The pogo support site.Com because some forms of the pop-up windows that are essential for game play it includes the game table selectors, little pops an up that lets you know when you won a badge. Here we can give you some of the helpful tips for making sure your visits to pogo support that are more harmonious with your pop up blocker.

How do disable my pop up blocker?

There are lots of pop up blocker programs are out there and the directions for disabling each one is different. So if the tips cannot work if we can give you the documentation that came with a  pogo pop-up blocker program.

So we can check the websites to find out and how to disable it temporarily so you can play on the pogo again. Many popular ad-blocking software programs can be temporarily disabled by holding down. We can handle it with some of the keys like ctrl, alt or shift keys.

So it is at the table we can try to view someone‘s profile hold down the control, alt or shift key and then click the play button to join a table. There is another method we can choose the person’s profile if you want to view. Then continue to hold down the key until after the table.

Otherwise, we can see the profile window which appears on the screen. If we use a downloadable pop-up blocker please check your browsers toolbar and the taskbar for the pop-up blockers icon. There should be a way to interact with the icon to temporarily disable the blocker.

If we are not sure about to find the icon please consult the manufacturer for the particular pogo pop up blocker for more help. We can use this test my blocker tool to test whether you have properly disabled your blocker pop up blocker.

We must see the three windows in addition to the original web page from the link. If we do not see the window labeled 3 our pop up blocker is still active.

If we do not see the window labeled 3 please search for our pop up blocker and uninstall it. Also, we have to make sure if we cannot disable it, especially for pogo.

Because pogo is unique website the feature for this site is disabling and it will not work. We cannot provide more specific suggestions but it also with so many different pop-up blockers out there. It is impossible for us to have all directions for all of them.

Popular popup blocker programs

  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • Google Toolbar
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Pop up Sweeper
  • Pop Up Agent
  • Pop Up Terminator
  • Pop up Destroyer
  • Pop Up Stopper

How to Fix Screen Resolution for Pogo Games and free screen resolution size

When we come to the screen resolution for pogo games you can see the clarity of the text and images displayed on the screen. At a higher resolution, it can be 1600 * 1200 pixels this item should look sharper, text gets the sink to be brighter, clear the display and icons. It can get up in the lower resolutions because the screen and the icons may be larger and it is unclear. Nowadays it is hard to operate the computer in the lower resolution. In our experience, most of the pogo users have the issue were the computer savvy and it can be changed the screen resolution by the mistake. We can provide some of the tips to follow to fix the issue that would help you to get a better experience. There are 2 versions of pogo games you can enjoy the one.

  • Free and limited versions of pogo.
  • Access with the club pogo membership

The reason can behind when we are pressing this point that is essential for the better pogo experience that must have the correct resolution for both the versions and it is recommended by electronic arts.

Fixing the screen resolution for pogo

  • First, you have to choose the internet browser on which you were playing the games. And then restart your computer and let it reboot it properly.
  • Try to open the pogo games and check whether it is open and see it works.
  • After finishing that go back and that will help you to fix the screen size of your computer.

Adjust the screen resolution for windows in your computer

Step 1: see the system and went to your computer desktop and right click it.

Step 2: now you can see the option and click on the screen resolution to adjust it.

Step 3: for the club pogo members you have to set their screen resolution to 1024 by 798are higher depending on the system capacity. For the free pogo members, you can set the pogo members and set the screen resolution to 1152 by 864.

Step 4: you can adopt the setting and click on apply and click the ok button. This can fix the issue if you want that gain you want to restart the computer and try to play the pogo again.

Adjust the Mac computer resolution for the pogo games

If you have the screen resolution issues with Mac computer then you have lots of things to assume that leads you to do the wrong things. Trust it’s quite simple to fix the screen resolution in apple computer. These are the ways to take the screen resolution.


How to resolve Pogo Games Firewall related issue and support

Pogo is one of the websites that can be used to play lots of games. There are 100 games were available on this website. You can choose different kinds of games to depend upon the category. It includes puzzle games, card games, board games, arcade games, casino games and even games are the several games which are used to play. This website offers you to get a free account for all the people. You can chat and play the games with your friends.

Through this website, at a time 100,000 players can log in the website and play games. If you want to play you want to access all the games. And also want to use the web browser on a computer. But some of the games can be played only using the I pad, I phone or I pod touch. Facebook Also helps the players to play pogo games application with a large list of games. You can also upgrade the premium subscription and it is said to be club pogo. It includes the members only in the rooms, ad-free play, double jackpot spins and it has 40 exclusive games.

Steps to resolve the pogo games firewall issues

Step 1: first you have to install the latest version of java.

Step 2: Then restart your browser after installing the java that can enable the new version.

Step 3: after that, you can remove the old version of java. And enable the automatic updates. You can receive the security updates after it released and it can ensure the java update features.

Step 4: you have to verify the java whether it is enabled in the browser. If you want to ensure the applets that can be used it in function proper. Then clear the java cache periodically.

Step 5: you have to configure the settings of the firewall. The common problems are caused by settings of the antivirus, firewall issues and blocking or pop up blocking software.fot to solve this kind of issues try to disable them and check whether the problem is went away are not.

Step 6: If the problem went away then the next step is to figure out .then see how it configures the software to protect the system and prevent you from playing pogo games. For these issues, you have to verify the software’s manual for detailed instructions on how to make the changes in the software.

Step 7: try to use java supporting web browsers. You want to have a 64-bit browser that can be required to run 64-bit oracle java on Mac OS X chrome version of 3.9.

Step 8: at last visit the pogo website for the help to know about java and pogo information.




Game Crashing with no Error Messages

Game Crashing with no Error Messages happens sometimes for some people and experiences problems with PC. Especially when it comes to playing games, some people get so annoyed when their games crash or closed unexpectedly in the middle of the game. Whenever they play web-based games like witcher2, trackmania2, etc. it happens randomly crashes and the user will lead to the desktop. It shows no error messages or any other indication beforehand.

Game Crashing would be like

  • Game stops responding
  • Game does close unexpectedly
  • Computer restarts unexpectedly
  • Game window may minimize to the taskbar and cannot be restored or continued

To resolve these issues while playing, a user needs to do the following methods to prevent from games crashing

  1. Check for latest update of the game
  • Download the latest version of the game from the reputed sources
  1. Restart your device or computer by using clean start-up procedure
  • When you start your windows device, it sometimes happens it automatically start to run other programs in the background which may affect the gaming process. So at that time, when you do clean up the process, you can prevent game crashing problem
  1. Create the new user account
  • Open user account
  • Add a new user account
  1. Change the Compatibility settings
  • But this method may not work for newer games that need advanced settings.
  • Right click game icon, and then click properties
  • Select compatibility tab
  • Click to select the Run in compatibility mode for check box
  • Click OK
  1. Update the Video driver
  • Learn about how to get the latest version of the video adapter from the manufacturer. Microsoft Windows also gives third-party contact information to help people to find technical support. People can use the third party and will solve this issue.
  1. Disable sound card in windows temporarily

In Windows 7,

  • Click start
  • In the start search box, type device manager, and press enter
  • Click disable and then click yes
  • Click ok
  • Restart windows
  • Check the game
  1. Reduce Sound Acceleration
  • Click start
  • Go to run and type dxdialog in open box and then click ok
  • On the Sound tab, in the DirectX Features section, change the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level to Basic acceleration.
  • Click Exit.
  1. Remove and then reinstall the game
  • Go to control panel
  • Uninstall the respective game
  • Install the game from the internet or from CD
  1. Scan the computer for virus
  • When your device is infected by a virus, it happen some programs to close automatically during processing. So it is important to check if your computer is being infected by threats or virus with the antivirus software.
  1. Remove spyware and other unwanted software

If you have cleaned all the virus and still experiencing game crashing, you need to uninstall and reinstall the game to make it process efficiently.


How to delete Cache memory for Pogo game to perform faster

Clearing Cache memory in your browser will help to fix or to solve the lots of common issues that you have been met with your device. Especially while playing web-based games like Pogo, it is common for people to meet with problems like slow loading, or automotive closing in the middle of your game. At that stage, it will be of more help to delete or to clear the cache memory in your browser.

Below you can find help to delete cache memory on each browser to make your Pogo game to perform faster.

Clearing Cache Memory on Google Chrome

  1. Click Menu button on the right corner of your Google Chrome window
  2. Select more tools and under that select clear browsing data
  3. Now set “Clear the following items from–“to “beginning of the time”
  4. Then select “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data”
  5. After this, click Clear Browsing data

Clearing Cache Memory on Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox window
  2. Click on the menu button on the right corner of Mozilla window
  3. Choose Options
  4. Select Privacy and Security tab now
  5. Then select clear now option next to the Cached web content

Clearing Cache Memory on Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click the menu in the top right corner of your webpage
  3. Select safety and then “Delete Browsing history”
  4. Under Delete Browser history, select the boxes for “Temporary Internet files and website files”,” Cookies and website data” and deselect the “Preserve Favourites website data”
  5. Then select “Delete”

Here for the ease of use to delete the cache memory on each browser, steps to how to delete are described above. This process may take a few minutes depending upon the amount of data you have stored on your browser. While it is working, the user can see the spinning of a circle which indicates the process of deleting the cache memory.

What Happens when you delete your Cache memory?

All web browsers are designed in the way to remember everything that users actually do on their website, so they have to remember it. It stores the information that the user browsed on the websites like images, audios and other documents which are called a cache. It stores the text files called cookies. When your browser happens to store all your information on it, like cookies and the cache information, and usernames and passwords for user accounts, it is common for your browser to slow down on its processing and make a certain program to slow down it’s working like games on Pogo and even much more. So, often clearing your cache memory helps to make your browser perform faster while playing web games like Pogo and to load the web pages properly.



Issue in installing the latest version of Java or Flash player

Pogo is one of the popular game which played by numbers of players nowadays.   Many people are playing the game on the pogo website to play convenient way.  On playing the game it might cause issues to the players on installing a new version of Java on your device.  You must have to consider flash before updating on your system.   Java or flash player issues will cause some symptoms.  In order to resolve issues, we are available online to serve exotic solution to all users.  Our technicians are well experienced in the field and offer a possible solution to each and every client. You get a perfect guide to resolve installation errors and remove it quickly.

 Get best support service:

We are served many services to individuals via online. We assist you to troubleshoot issues on playing the pogo game. Our technical support helps you to get the best advice from the professionals.   By using proper procedure, you might elegantly resolve installation issues at any time. We investigate issues occurred on java program to clients and offer a solution based on that.  With the simple process, you might eliminate errors and install an advanced version of Java software to play pogo game.  However, you acquire unique solutions for choosing our technicians.  Our tech support team provides an efficient solution for the users.  From our tech support, you can also install flash player within few minutes.

  Resolve Java problems:

We provide direct assistance service to clients who these issues.  Usually, pogo game converts games from Java to flash slowly.   Tech support team helps you to get an immediate solution for any kind of installation error. Now, many pogo players are facing these problems.   If you choose our tech support team then you might resolve issues easily and quickly. You can play games to remove risks by using best methods.  You might get step by step guide from our technicians to resolve errors and access game with no hassle.  We enable you to detect difficulties in playing flash game.

  • You might get excellent technical support for pogo game
  • 100% satisfaction on resolving errors
  • Get 24/7 hours online support service
  • We verify and install the software properly
  • In any situation, we offer perfect tech support to all clients

Yet know our technicians are resolved many issues. They have highly skilled in serving effective support service to all customers.   You can able to resolve any errors in your convenient place by choosing our tech support.  We offer customized solutions to clients to play the game in a comfortable way. Are you facing installation issues on your Java program or flash player?  Just contact our tech support number and get instant support at any time.


Browser related issue with Pogo games


Now, everyone has to play the game online that becomes trendy for them. The pogo game is the popular choice for many people.  It is suitable for all age group people. Pogo is the most loved game among the game lover. It offers different formats of the game like sports game, free card game, casual game and others.  If you have any problem with the pogo game, we help you to get rid of it. You can get the quick solution for solving the problems in a perfect manner. We find the problems associated with the pogo and solve it simply.

We solve the different range of the technical issues you face in the pogo games support. We just give the simple solution to minimize the problem. We provide the high end solution to the user. You can find out the common problem associated with the pogo sites. The browser is the major issues that cause the frustrating thins when playing the games. This one causes some leading issues when it comes to playing the game. You can get the best help from the technical assistance. We provide the best solution for the technical problems of the game. You don’t worry about to play the game.

Recover the problems quickly:

You can ensure the proper solution with us at any time. You can enjoy the game play very much in the present scenario. You can keep up the latest version of the java program that suitable for the browser. We deal with any kind of issues by following the reliable solution.

  • You can remove the older java version and restart the computer.
  • You can reset the internet browser used in the computer or laptop.
  • You can install the best one that compatible with the pogo games.
  • The users must remove the cookies and internet files present in the computer and restart the system again.
  • It is important to install the latest version of java program and then start to play the games.

Ensure the problem free playing:

You can keep up the standard speed internet connection for the purpose of playing the game.  You can enable the java plugin and solve the issues in an easy way.  You can visit the browser and just activate the java plugin. You can follow the step by step guide to install the latest java program and others in your system. We know the best way to solve it properly in the browser. You can ensure the browser that fit for your game play. You can get the help whenever you need with us. We offer round the clock services to the users. You can take the best support for your problems.


Pogo Game issue with Full Screen Mode


Pogo is one of the most popular online gaming website, which has more than 100 small and large fun games to spend your time in the best way. Most of the Pogo games are casual games, which would just assist you in killing time.

Some of the most pogo games are arcade games, puzzles, simulation games, puzzles, and so on. Most of the pogo games are highly played by the people across the world and enjoyed to the maximum extent.

Even though pogo games are designed using the advanced technology and make users have fun with them, they often throw some issues and bugs. This affects overall gaming experience and makes users irritated.

In such case, you can either call the Pogo games support team or troubleshoot yourself. We always recommend users to use troubleshooting steps before contacting the Pogo support team. It is because many problems will be solved with the troubleshooting steps itself.

How to solve Pogo game issues with full screen mode

Among several problems in the Pogo games support, the full screen mode is one of the commonly faced problems. Who does not want to play games in the full and screen-fit size mode? Online gaming Pogo access the Java platform to run its increasing archive of games from all genres. Whatever game you are playing does not matter, the game window can be very small so that it is quite hard to see.

This is particularly true for players with the small and high-resolution device. Are you facing the full screen mode problem with the Pogo games? If yes, then make use of the following steps, which we have mentioned to solve your problem.

  • First, right click the game icon and choose the properties
  • Next, go to the compatibility tab and scroll down. Then, click the box of the reduced color mode
  • Pick 16-color bit using the drop-down menu
  • After that, click on apply and play the game again

Are you still facing the same problem after doing aforementioned steps? Utilize the following steps.

  • Right-click on the Pogo game icon
  • Choose properties and click the compatibility tab
  • Then, click and run compatibility trouble-shooter

An alternative option to fix Pogo game full screen issue

Do you not fix the issue still? Do not worry! We have another way to resolve the problem. Yes, you can adjust the monitor to enlarge the game playing field. You can perform this step when the gaming window cannot expand naturally to fit the screen. The steps to perform this action vary from one device to another. Therefore, get assistance from the official website of Pogo games support or contact support number.


Pogo Games issue with Windows 10

Now, the majority of the people are interested in playing the pogo games. The pogo game is very popular among the people in the present scenario. If you are game enthusiasts, this is the best choice for you. You can play such type of game in different forms. You can keep up the right membership for playing the game. Whether you can face any problems while playing the game, you can immediately contact the support team and get the quick support for your problem. Here, you can get the complete services for the pogo game issues and others.

We provide the recommended solution and how to solve it.  The users can experience the pogo problems with windows 10. This type of problem may arise due to the java. You can check it through my computer and get the complete information about the java. You can look at the platform used for playing the game. You can get the proper solution for solving the issues in a simple way. You can check the java version used in the operating system. We provide the general tips and tricks to solve the windows issues when it comes to playing the pogo games.

Get the proper services:

The experts give the best solution to solve any type of problem with the windows 10. We identify the route of the issue. You can just contact us and take the solution for the pogo game problems. You can get everything for the pogo game support problems. We provide the complete support for solving the major and minor issues of the pogo game. You can make use of the latest Java software in the operating system. This is the major reason for facing the issues at the time of playing the game. You can get the reliable support with us. The java program manages the signed and unsigned components. The security warning dialog will appear in the windows screen while playing the pogo games.

Take the best support:

We explain the way to solve the problems in a simple manner without any hassle. You can get the basic steps to solving the issues that related to the pogo games support. You can contact the support team through the support number. You can solve such issues by following the below steps,

  • It is necessary to install the latest version of the java program
  • After installing the program, you can restart the browser once and allow the new version in the windows.
  • You can enable the automatic update of the java program.
  • By enabling the automatic update, you don’t check the latest updation.
  • You can check that the java program is installed in the system and use it to verify the function of the software.




Improve Computer Performance For Better Pogo Game Experience

The pogo is one of the best online gaming. Most of the younger and older person plays the pogo game online. It is simple to play than other online game. When you are looking to improve the gaming performance then you should play the graphics card setting. If you should not have the graphics card then you cannot play the online game on the desktop. If you have minimum memory and lower graphics card then you can face some issues when playing high-end games. So it is important you should upgrade the graphics card in the computer. Here we provide simple steps to improve the desktop performance for good experience while playing the pogo game support.

Check the computer tools

Some kinds of games need the maximum requirement of desktop dot the good performance.  The desktop should have the graphics card for better pogo game performance. First, you must check the performance of the computer in the window 8, window 7, Windows Vista and others. The performance tools are available in the Windows and check the capability of various desktop parts such as RAM, processor, gaming graphics, Hard disk, and others. The tool and performance information provides the overall capability of the desktop hardware.

  • First, you should click on the windows icon
  • Then click the Control Panel
  • Select the system and maintenance option
  • Hit on the performance information and tools on the control panel

Now it views the performance information and tools of the desktop. If you need to upgrade the computer hardware then you can click the update option that helps to improve the gaming performance.

Clean temporary files in the computer

When you start the Microsoft Windows, all the software are started automatically with the OS. It includes the antivirus utilities which interfere with the high-end game. When the desktop owners are performing the clean startup, then you can prevent the software from starting automatically when the OS started. Here we provide simple steps to clean up the temporary data on the desktop.

Steps to delete the temporary files

  • First, you should click the window button
  • Click on Run in the search box
  • Enter the %temp% in the box
  • Click on enter button
  • Now click Control+ A button
  • Click on Select All
  • Then enter the Delete button and click yes

Now the temporary files are deleted from your desktop

Update the graphics card

One of the best ways of improving the system performance is updating the graphics card. Most of the manufacturing company offers the huge range of the graphics card such as Nvidia, AMD, and others. So you can upgrade the computer that offers the great performance when playing the pogo game.