Game Crashing with no Error Messages

Game Crashing with no Error Messages happens sometimes for some people and experiences problems with PC. Especially when it comes to playing games, some people get so annoyed when their games crash or closed unexpectedly in the middle of the game. Whenever they play web-based games like witcher2, trackmania2, etc. it happens randomly crashes and the user will lead to the desktop. It shows no error messages or any other indication beforehand.

Game Crashing would be like

  • Game stops responding
  • Game does close unexpectedly
  • Computer restarts unexpectedly
  • Game window may minimize to the taskbar and cannot be restored or continued

To resolve these issues while playing, a user needs to do the following methods to prevent from games crashing

  1. Check for latest update of the game
  • Download the latest version of the game from the reputed sources
  1. Restart your device or computer by using clean start-up procedure
  • When you start your windows device, it sometimes happens it automatically start to run other programs in the background which may affect the gaming process. So at that time, when you do clean up the process, you can prevent game crashing problem
  1. Create the new user account
  • Open user account
  • Add a new user account
  1. Change the Compatibility settings
  • But this method may not work for newer games that need advanced settings.
  • Right click game icon, and then click properties
  • Select compatibility tab
  • Click to select the Run in compatibility mode for check box
  • Click OK
  1. Update the Video driver
  • Learn about how to get the latest version of the video adapter from the manufacturer. Microsoft Windows also gives third-party contact information to help people to find technical support. People can use the third party and will solve this issue.
  1. Disable sound card in windows temporarily

In Windows 7,

  • Click start
  • In the start search box, type device manager, and press enter
  • Click disable and then click yes
  • Click ok
  • Restart windows
  • Check the game
  1. Reduce Sound Acceleration
  • Click start
  • Go to run and type dxdialog in open box and then click ok
  • On the Sound tab, in the DirectX Features section, change the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level to Basic acceleration.
  • Click Exit.
  1. Remove and then reinstall the game
  • Go to control panel
  • Uninstall the respective game
  • Install the game from the internet or from CD
  1. Scan the computer for virus
  • When your device is infected by a virus, it happen some programs to close automatically during processing. So it is important to check if your computer is being infected by threats or virus with the antivirus software.
  1. Remove spyware and other unwanted software

If you have cleaned all the virus and still experiencing game crashing, you need to uninstall and reinstall the game to make it process efficiently.

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