How to Fix Screen Resolution for Pogo Games and free screen resolution size

When we come to the screen resolution for pogo games you can see the clarity of the text and images displayed on the screen. At a higher resolution, it can be 1600 * 1200 pixels this item should look sharper, text gets the sink to be brighter, clear the display and icons. It can get up in the lower resolutions because the screen and the icons may be larger and it is unclear. Nowadays it is hard to operate the computer in the lower resolution. In our experience, most of the pogo users have the issue were the computer savvy and it can be changed the screen resolution by the mistake. We can provide some of the tips to follow to fix the issue that would help you to get a better experience. There are 2 versions of pogo games you can enjoy the one.

  • Free and limited versions of pogo.
  • Access with the club pogo membership

The reason can behind when we are pressing this point that is essential for the better pogo experience that must have the correct resolution for both the versions and it is recommended by electronic arts.

Fixing the screen resolution for pogo

  • First, you have to choose the internet browser on which you were playing the games. And then restart your computer and let it reboot it properly.
  • Try to open the pogo games and check whether it is open and see it works.
  • After finishing that go back and that will help you to fix the screen size of your computer.

Adjust the screen resolution for windows in your computer

Step 1: see the system and went to your computer desktop and right click it.

Step 2: now you can see the option and click on the screen resolution to adjust it.

Step 3: for the club pogo members you have to set their screen resolution to 1024 by 798are higher depending on the system capacity. For the free pogo members, you can set the pogo members and set the screen resolution to 1152 by 864.

Step 4: you can adopt the setting and click on apply and click the ok button. This can fix the issue if you want that gain you want to restart the computer and try to play the pogo again.

Adjust the Mac computer resolution for the pogo games

If you have the screen resolution issues with Mac computer then you have lots of things to assume that leads you to do the wrong things. Trust it’s quite simple to fix the screen resolution in apple computer. These are the ways to take the screen resolution.

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