Tips to follow to find Issues with pogo and pop-up blockers


The pogo support site.Com because some forms of the pop-up windows that are essential for game play it includes the game table selectors, little pops an up that lets you know when you won a badge. Here we can give you some of the helpful tips for making sure your visits to pogo support that are more harmonious with your pop up blocker.

How do disable my pop up blocker?

There are lots of pop up blocker programs are out there and the directions for disabling each one is different. So if the tips cannot work if we can give you the documentation that came with a  pogo pop-up blocker program.

So we can check the websites to find out and how to disable it temporarily so you can play on the pogo again. Many popular ad-blocking software programs can be temporarily disabled by holding down. We can handle it with some of the keys like ctrl, alt or shift keys.

So it is at the table we can try to view someone‘s profile hold down the control, alt or shift key and then click the play button to join a table. There is another method we can choose the person’s profile if you want to view. Then continue to hold down the key until after the table.

Otherwise, we can see the profile window which appears on the screen. If we use a downloadable pop-up blocker please check your browsers toolbar and the taskbar for the pop-up blockers icon. There should be a way to interact with the icon to temporarily disable the blocker.

If we are not sure about to find the icon please consult the manufacturer for the particular pogo pop up blocker for more help. We can use this test my blocker tool to test whether you have properly disabled your blocker pop up blocker.

We must see the three windows in addition to the original web page from the link. If we do not see the window labeled 3 our pop up blocker is still active.

If we do not see the window labeled 3 please search for our pop up blocker and uninstall it. Also, we have to make sure if we cannot disable it, especially for pogo.

Because pogo is unique website the feature for this site is disabling and it will not work. We cannot provide more specific suggestions but it also with so many different pop-up blockers out there. It is impossible for us to have all directions for all of them.

Popular popup blocker programs

  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • Google Toolbar
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Pop up Sweeper
  • Pop Up Agent
  • Pop Up Terminator
  • Pop up Destroyer
  • Pop Up Stopper

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